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Quick update everyone! I hope yall had a good Halloween. Sorry I haven't been on DA in quite a while - I have been very busy lately. But don't worry, I haven't disappeared!

:iconskulletier:, remind me, how much do I owe you for the commission?

:iconbhudicae:, I have your 1/2 of the art trade done, I just haven't posted it yet.

Both of you - very much love the art and I will fav and comment on it when I get a chance!

:icontherandomelf:, sorry I haven't gotten around to un-storing that art yet. I will let you know when I do!

And to everyone: I am working on A&A #81! I have very little time lately, but rest assured I'm workin on it. It's also taking a long time because there's a lot more movement in it than in my other animations. I hope you are all looking forward to finding out what happens, and thank you for your patience!
They left some stuff out for some reason by Ashleykat
They left some stuff out for some reason
I came across a PSA on deviantart. I'm sure you've seen it.

It's a funny skin care PSA that only warns about one thing, but leaves a bunch of other things out. It's like they were targeting a certain group of people, almost like they were trying to trick everyone into thinking that it's just this one group of people who may be damaging their skin, when really almost everyone is damaging their skin all the time.

I thought, instead of tricking everyone into thinking only one particular group of people is damaging their skin, why not tell the truth, and by that I mean the actual truth, and make a list that will actually help people? I think telling the whole truth is a much nobler goal than trying to trick people by tapping into their vanity, and attempting to manipulate them into looking down their noses at others in order marginalize and publicly shame a certain group of people with the eventual goal of influencing public policy (they do this on purpose, so much so that they actually have a word for it. they call it "de-normalization." It's how they try to shame people into buying pharmaceutical products). It doesn't really work, and neither do the pharmaceutical products (well to be fair, they do have like a 2% success rate). 

We are a new generation. We are a cynical group and we see through lies very easily. We prize irony. We think for ourselves and we make our own decisions. We research stuff. This old school propaganda bs doesn't work on us. It is a joke to us.

There's another one about gum disease. They leave out the part about how you can prevent that by brushing your teeth. 

Was taxpayer money used for these ads?
My favorite part is the pictures at the bottom. Look what the signs they're holding say. My watchers with the best memories, will remember me predicting this would happen, more than a year ago:


In fact, I quoted those people, an entire year before they even said it themselves. And I also said that fact could be used to give us more freedom, or less. Looks like we're going with less!

When I imagine what the world will be like 20 years from now...

Anyone want to colonize Mars with me? I'm going to re-name it Free Planet. It will be a utopia of freedom! and real freedom, too - not just a slogan. On Free Planet people can actually smoke if they want, drink soda if they want, and do all the other fun stuff. The stuff that people on earth for some reason think it's their business to tell people not to do. Those types of people will not be allowed on Free Planet. They can stay on earth and just keep telling each other what not to do. We are leaving. And while they are busy telling each other not to eat red meat, and spending billions worldwide on advertising telling people not to do things, we'll be eating red meat and smoking and drinking and having fun, and spending our billions to actually just fricken cure things already.

So who wants to come with me to FREE PLANET?? It sounds like quite the fun if you ask me.

In other news, look at this:

Look close and I bet you can guess which one I am!
there sure are some creepy selfies on da


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